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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Writer's Notebook

Arghh! I haven't been posting in 8 days! Sorry! I will try to post as soon as I can, but I was so busy shopping, and doing things in the morning, I never had time for my blog! So today, I want to share something. It won't be a book review, but it will be about a book. The name of the book is, A Writer's Notebook. The author is Ralph Fletcher. Many of you might know him if you read his books. Anyway, this book explains what you can use your writer's notebook for. Remember how last time, my post was about a selected entry from my writer's notebook? This book tells you that your writer's notebook is yours. Ralph Fletcher gives examples of what you can put into your writer's notebook, like lists, and different entries. He also shares his personal experiences, and what he writes in this book.

This book has different chapters, which go over what you can put into your notebook. Here is an example from Chapter One: Unforgettable Stories.
First, Ralph Fletcher directs the chapter to you. "Does this ever happen to you? You stay up late on New Year's Eve and watch TV. Seems like everyone is bananas, waiting for the ball to drop. You say, "What's the big deal?" The chapter is still directed to you. In the book, Ralph Fletcher says, but somehow you notice some ants, and you wonder what they are doing. "You wonder, is something wrong with me?" After this, he gives you an example from his life:
"I watched on TV when the Boston Bruins held a special night to honor their hockey star, Bobby Orr. Just thirty years old, and he was being forced to retire. I loved Orr. He was so unbelievably fast and  skilled. You could take someone to a hockey game and say, "'Watch number four- he's the best on ice- and you would always be right. That night, when Bobby Orr appeared, the crowd erupted in a six minute standing ovation that brought me to tears." This is one example of what he shows in his book. In this chapter, he explains that you need to find a place for all of those stories that touch you, and have a place for them in your writer's notebook.
In my writer's notebook, I keep lists, ideas for novels, names, and titles, entries about general emotions, life, or unforgettable stories that touch me. I also have a place for other authors' quotes and beautiful and inspirational writing. I started keeping my writer's notebook in 2013. When will you keep yours? "A writer's notebook is not for everyone, as Ralph Fletcher said, but you won't know unless you try." And remember, your writer's notebook is yours. You decide what to put in it.
For more info, visit Ralph Fletcher's website:
Want more writing ideas and tips?
 A Notebook One Pen and Me

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Selected Entry From My Writer's Notebook

Hi everyone!
I am very sorry for not posting in a week or so! Actually, I was very busy because I had moved with my family, so I am just settling in. Plus, to get on the computer, you need Wifi. We just got that yesterday; I am very sorry though! But at least I am back!
So today I want to share an entry from my personal writer's notebook which I wrote just today:


Anger. Yes, anger. It is what I feel when someone doesn't listen, something is not going the way I want it to go. So I made a poem below for this emotion:

Anger, the Red Sting

Anger is the red sting that you feel when something isn't right,
but you know you've got to fix it, you just don't know how,
it's the tears that stream down your face when you don't know what to do,
and all you care is that it goes away. You try to run, and save yourself,
yet you can't, it overwhelms and takes over you, but you've got to do something, and only you know what to do, so just believe and overcome. Believe and overcome.

© Copyright 2016. Poem and entry from Saanvi's Writer's Notebook is copyrighted. All rights reserved. Names, places, words, and all works, like the entry and the poem are Saanvi's, and may not be used whatsoever, except and only in case for educational purposes.

I hope you liked that. That was inspired because I got angry today, so I wrote this to calm myself down. So I hope that you liked it, and I am sorry that it was very short, but since it was, join in the fun on my main blog which you will find if you go to my blogger profile, and click, "My Webpage".

Thanks a bunch!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

The Fourteenth Goldfish Book Review

So I have read the book, The Fourteenth Goldfish. Today, I would like to review this book. This book was written by Jennifer L. Holm.


Ellie is already very disappointed about her goldfish. She discovers that all her goldfish have only lasted for a week, and that 13 of them were flushed down the toilet. Apart from this, Brianna is not her best friend anymore. Ellie and Brianna created handprints in Ellie's room and used to be her best friend, until she found her passion: volleyball. Then she didn't interact with Ellie anymore. Everything is changing. Then suddenly one day, a boy that Ellie has never met before arrives at the front door. He is bossy, and starts to give orders. He looks like Ellie's grandfather, Melvin who has always wanted to discover a way to get younger. Melvin discovers eternal youth, but Ellie is not sure if the world is ready for this change.

 Main Characters

The characters of this story are:
  • Ellie
  • Ellie's grandfather
  • Ellie's mother, Melissa
  • Ellie's babysitter, Nicole
  • Raj
  • Raj's brother
  • Ellie's dad
  • Other characters that are mentioned in the story, but don't have a role include: Ellie's grandmother who Ellie's grandfather loved very much.
What I thought

I loved this book! I thought that the plot was interesting, yet complicated. I liked how the story flowed, and the characters matched their personalities. I was most like Ellie in the story, but I have parents, and I sometimes would have disagreed with her. The author's style of writing is absolutely fabulous.


I would rate this book 5 out of 5. Great work, Jennifer L. Holm! Very creative idea!

I recommend this book for adventure lovers, people who like fiction, and like challenging yet heart-warming stories.

I hope you enjoyed my book review. This book is worth a read!

Thanks for reading and I hope you'll check it out!

Go Green In 2016!

Hi bloggers,
It's me, Saanvi. We all know that the new year, 2016 has started. It is time to do something new. While making your resolutions and actually preparing to take action on them, give a thought to our environmental problems. Think about what will happen with global warming and pollution and deforestation if you don't help. No life will be left on Earth. Is that what you want?
Probably not, which is why I ask of you to help. This year, the only thing I reinforce is to go green. Help save our planet! It's like when they say, "It's now or never." and it's always true. You can save it now, or wait for the destruction and then cry about it.
Below is a piece of writing I have written about rising sea levels which is a cause of global warming. Global warming is the major problem, and then other problems like rising sea levels are some of the causes.
Read it below:

Apart from global warming which is a worldwide problem, have you ever thought about rising sea levels? It’s a problem, and we’ve got to do something about it!

             As water gets warmer, it takes up more space. Each water droplet only expands a little bit, but when you have multiple droplets and you have multiplied the expansion over the depth of the ocean, all the water is added up, and it causes sea levels to rise. Large ice formations like glaciers and ice sheets add more water to the ocean, which is another reason sea levels are rising. But these are not the only causes of rising sea levels.

            Global warming is a big problem, and rising sea levels has a connection with this problem. Because of loss on ice and expansion of seawater-which has primarily been caused by global warming- are the main causes of sea levels. The Union of concerned scientists’ website states, “Tide gauges around the world have recorded the long-term rise in sea level since 1870.”

            In addition, human activities such as burning coal and oil and cutting down trees in tropical forests-deforestation, is proven to be rising the temperature of our planet. Those rising temperatures are warm ocean waters, which get larger as the temperature increases.


            Along with ice loss on land, groundwater withdrawal contributes about 10 percent to rising sea levels, which was observed in 1972- 2008. Even today, scientists believe that part of the reason that sea levels are rising is because of groundwater withdrawal.



             Over the next centuries, scientists predict that even if global warming were to drop to zero by next year, scientists predict another 1.2 to 2.6 feet of global sea level rise by another five to six years as oceans and land ice adjust to the changes we have already made to the atmosphere of the Earth.

            Loss of ice sheets will affect mostly countries like Greenland and Antarctica, so we must do something to prevent sea levels rising even more.  It will put our coasts at risk- and then all the seas will have warmer temperatures and affect our animals. The animals might even get extinct because they can’t make their journey and in the winter, they will not get food for their young. It will mess up life and oceans. It will also affect people who live near the ocean. We have to save our planet!

There must be something we can do to help!

So what can we do?

To limit sea level rise, we need to work towards deep reductions in the global warming emissions; we must fulfil our duties and help the ocean the way it helps us. If we maintain islands and wetlands, it can help us defend coastlines. Additionally, it would be helpful if we took measures like flood- proofing structures so we could try to work together. We could also build walls which will ensure that there is no flooding or damage, but will not guarantee long protection. You can also donate to help scientists conduct more research, but in my opinion, the best way to help is to work together to reduce global warming emissions. Help our planet!




My References


© Copyright 2016. Rising Sea Levels By Saanvi. No part of this production may be reproduced or copied and pasted by any means. It may only be read, not claimed as your own.

To find out more go to my global warming project that my friend helped me to make by using the link below:

(Copy and paste this link into your address bar and then view the project or if the link is blue, click)

Remember to go green everyone!

Monday, January 25, 2016

The Mysterious Wall: A Story

Today, I'll be sharing one of my most favorite stories that I wrote:
The Mysterious Wall.
Disclaimer: It is fictional. Although it has me and one of my friends as characters, it is fictional.

Read the story below:

It was a chilly day yet again, and I was outside. I walked with my friend, Kaushik, and we talked about our annoying brothers, until we discovered a vine-covered stone wall. In the middle of the wall, we saw a locked wooden gate with a golden key hanging next to it.

          “This is strange!” I told Kaushik. “I’ve never seen this wall before!”

          “Yeah,” he said, interested. “I think if we climb the wall, we’ll reach treasure like Jack in the story,”

          “Don’t be silly!” I told him. “But I bet this is some kind of treasure hunt,”

          “Maybe it is a test to see if we can find the treasure. What are we waiting for?” He said excitedly.

          “Yeah, let’s go!” I said. I imagined what would be behind the wall, and what would happen when we unlocked the gate. I couldn’t help but think of those dreamy things- clouds, gold chests, rainbows, and toys. A world of magic!

          We used the golden key to unlock the gate, and it didn’t work. I looked down, and there was a note.

          This mystery is yours. What you find there is not yours. You must bring it back.

          “What’s this?” I asked.

          “A note. But who sent it?” We thought about it, and I picked up the note.

          “Kaushik, you were right!” I exclaimed suddenly. “This is a test to see if we can unlock the gate, and find the treasure. Then, we must bring it back. But to who?”

          “We will find out soon enough,” He said confidently.

          I picked up the golden key, and felt power rising in me. “Hey, let me have a turn,” Kaushik said. I gave him the key, and then something weird happened. We both turned into animals!
          Kaushik turned into a lion cub, and I turned into a rabbit. Kaushik’s paws were orange, and yellow. His body was orange. My body was white, and I had long, pink ears.

          “Hey Kaushik!” I tested out my voice to see if even my voice matched my animal, but our voice remained the same. He handed me the key, and I unlocked the gate. I hopped, and he walked behind me.

          “Hello! Welcome to the Magical Land of Everything-Anybody-Could-Ever-Have!” said a deep voice.

          I looked to my right, and there he was. It was a man with a hat. He was holding a stick, and he was speaking. “You have probably read the note. Ahead, you will find treasure, but you may not take it, but you must-“

          I cut him off. “We know,” I told him.

          “Okay, rabbit and cub,” and he waved his hand, and we moved forward.

          “He didn’t have to call us “rabbit” and “cub”.” Kaushik said.

          “But he doesn’t know our names,” I reminded Kaushik. “Maybe the note was left anonymously, and whoever found it has to go on this quest,” I said thoughtfully.

          “I don’t think so, Saanvi. I think it was meant for us,” He said seriously.

          “But wouldn’t it say our names then?” I asked.

          “Not necessarily,” He responded.

          “Otherwise, the key wouldn’t turn us into animals. When we just looked at it, it looked like an ordinary key for a mansion.” I tried to think.


          “Okay, okay, let’s move it!” I told him. I hopped, and we saw exactly what we had imagined- clouds, treasure chests, toys, and magical keys, and so many other things!
          “So, do we have to bring back everything? I mean, the note said to… maybe we don’t,”

          “Yeah, maybe. Let’s ask the man,” We both quickly zoomed off, and there the man was.

          “Back so soon?”
          “No, we had a question, Sir.” Kaushik told him. “We want to know if we need to bring back everything from here.”

          “Oh, you don’t need to call me Sir. You can call me Eugene; that is my name. Now, about the note. You will have to figure it out, rabbit and cub.”

          “Thank you, Sir,” I said, although that information wasn’t very helpful. And we went away.

          “I can’t believe we are still in this stupid place,” Kaushik said angrily.

          “Calm down,” I told him. “We have to finish this mission!”

          “How can I? Eugene hasn’t told us anything!” He calmed down, but he was a bit angry.

          “C’mon, we’re still animals. At least that’s fun!”

          “Maybe,” He said, not moved by my words.

          We hopped, and walked, and still saw those dreamy things, and then we saw a glowing light. “Let’s go see where the glowing light leads to,” I said.

          “Fine,” Kaushik grumbled. We followed the light, and saw special gems. “I think we need to bring these back.” I said.

          “I guess.” Kaushik said.

          “Thank you, Eugene!” We both smiled. We exited the land, and told him we would come back, as we were on our way to give these back. After we gave them back, we’d be back to ourselves. But not yet. We still have to return these gems.
© Copyright 2016. All rights reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced, copied, or pasted by any means.

So I hope you liked that story. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed that story!

The Writer, Saanvi





Hi everyone!
As you know, I am Saanvi! This is my new writing blog! From my profile, you probably know that my writing blog will be about. I will be posting some of my work, tips, and entries from my writer's notebook. I will also be sharing my experiences, and more! I welcome you to my fabulous blog, which I hope you will enjoy!
To begin with, this will be my first work of writing I will share:


A blanket of thick, white stuff,
they say it's called snow,
each snowflake so delicate yet so beautiful,
deer in the snow, making my heart a-glow
winter is an enchanted time of year,
that may yet not happen again,
enjoy it while it's there.

That was my poem about winter, and it is copyrighted, so don't use it. Welcome to my writing blog, and I can't wait until I post my written work, including my stories, and poems.